Company history Josef Rädlinger

The history of success of Rädlinger began in the year 1963 when Josef Rädlinger founded a gravel dredging and a haulage contraction business in Cham in Upper Palatinate. Since then, Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH has developed to become one of the leading middle-sized building companies in Germany. Today the internationally active company group has approximately 1700 employees in the different locations.

Milestones of the Rädlinger company group

1963 Foundation of Josef Rädlinger Kiesbaggerei und Fuhrunternehmen e. K in Cham
1971 Foundation of Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH in Cham
1988 Foundation of Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Cham
1991 Foundation of a subsidiary of Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH in Altenburg
1993 Takeover of the engineer office Inprojekta in Pilsen
1994 Takeover of AREA Grundstuecksverwaltungs- und Vermietungs- GmbH in Leipzig
1995 Takeover of ITE GmbH in Leipzig
1995 Takeover of ITE Deponiebau GmbH in Leipzig
1995 Opening of the new ready-mix concrete site in Weiding
1996 Foundation of Rädlinger Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH in Selbitz
2000 Foundation of Rädlinger Asphaltbau GmbH in Cham
2001 Foundation of Rädlinger primus line GmbH
2002 Foundation of Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH in Vilshofen
2004 Foundation of Rädlinger Bauunternehmen Ges.m.b.H in St. Poelten, Austria
2005 Foundation of S.C. Trust Constructii Rädlinger S.R.L. in Romania
2006 Foundation of RWenergy GmbH in Schwandorf
2006 Takeover of the Professional Training Center (BBZ) in Schwandorf
2007 Investment in S.C. Diabas Bata Romania
2012 Rädlinger company group received "Award for Medium-sized Companies"
2014 Takeover of the quarry Blauberg and foundation of Rädlinger Blauberg GmbH

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