Performance spectrum in new building and repair

Application Construction methods
autobahns, federal trunk roads standard construction designs, porous asphalt, low-noise asphalt, compact asphalt
air traffic surfaces standard construction designs
state roads, ring roads, municipal roads, rural pathway construction, walkways and bicycle paths, building areas standard construction designs, roadbed reinforcements, surface treatment, thin-layer coverings
trade areas, parking lots, logistics centers, squares, leisure parks, skater systems, cart tracks, yard surface areas and mobile silos + biogas plant, landscaping, summer paths, event halls, asphalt hydraulic structures standard construction designs, asphalts with high abrasive resistance, industrial asphalt, colored asphalt, asphalt for chemical and acidiferous attack (e.g. agriculture), permeable asphalt, semi-inflexible surface courses, sealing asphalt
bridges, parking decks, service stations standard construction designs with hot-mix asphalts and mastic asphalt
special upgrading for all fields of application crack upgrading, asphalt reinforcements, re-plasticizing of asphalt covers, elutriating, joint tapes, cold asphalt, shoulder maintenance repair
recycling of finish asphalt asphalt granulate, acceptance of asphalt break-up material

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