Waste dump building / Waste dump upgrading

Waste dumps guarantee the secure deposition of waste.

Extensive recultivation measures after the closure of waste dumps should exclude later contamination of the environment to a large extent.

With the Rädlinger building company, experienced employees and modern equipment guarantee the conscientious generation and upgrading of waste dumps, with a high level of security and environmental-technical standard.

We support you in finding innovative solutions, in particular in the selection of suitable sealing systems. Waste dumps are complex facilities, and with Rädlinger you are provided with modern and secure deposition locations.Close cooperation with the responsible government authorities guarantees compliance with the legal requirements.

Services in waste dump building

  • Earthwork and profiling
  • Compression
  • Generation of percolation and waste dump water routes
  • Installation of sealing systems such as:
    • Mineral sealing
    • Plastic sealing courses
    • Geo-synthetic clay sealing layers
  • Surface cover from:
    • Leveling layer
    • Recultivation layer
    • Top soil
  • Planting and vegetation

These sites offer services related to waste dump building:

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