Water engineering

High-water protection planned in advance with Rädlinger

The corporate department involved in water engineering deals both with high-water protection optimization as well as with canal construction. Nowadays extensive high-water protection measures are developing more and more, to become the main field of activity in water engineering.

Rädlinger is a specialist in all excavation work involved the water engineering sector, which offers the complete spectrum of solutions, extending from backup water clearance, dike generation, inland drainage, bank protection, through to ecological structuring.

High-water protection extends from individual protection measures, such as river bank walls and bank protections, stonework or dam constructions, up to dyke new building, as well as the upgrading of existing dykes, or high-water regulation constructions. As well as references in canal construction and water body return to nature, the company also has experience in inland port construction, as well as the construction of retention stages.

Qualified personnel, as well as modern equipment, guarantee an economical and on-schedule handling of your hydraulic structuring projects. Included here is the implementation of technically-extensive construction measures, such as wet dredging in flowing and standing water bodies, as well as the employment of special units such as wire-cable and hydraulic excavators.

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