Gravel pits

Rädlinger has several gravel pits, with which their internal requirement on gravel is covered and in particular which supply the company-internal concrete works. Raw gravel processing, as well as gravel reduction, are also carried out at the Neumuehlen gravel pit. The screening system classifies the gravel into the different granulations, which are then transported to the nearby concrete works for further processing.

As early as in the planning stage, the re-use and returning to nature of the gravel pits are guaranteed. Responsible action with the dismantling of the raw materials is considered an imperative for Rädlinger. As well as this, extensive recultivation measures are carried out in cooperation with the responsible government authorities. Thus for instance, excavation lakes are generated on completion of the dismantling, which are used as fishing or swimming lakes or biotopes.

Rädlinger gravel pits

  • Neumuehlen gravel pit
  • Mamming gravel pit
  • Oberhoecking gravel pit

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