Blauberg quarry/granite works

Since 01.10.2014, the Blauberg quarry and Rädlinger Blauberg GmbH (which was established for that purpose) has belonged to the Rädlinger group of companies. Up to 4000 tonnes of material are quarried from the approx. 30-hectare granite works every day.

Overview of products

Crusher products

Armour stones Size classes CP/LMB/HMB as per TLW 2003
Granite gravel 11/22, 22/32, 32/45, 45/56
Frost protection 0/32, 0/45, 0/56
Boulder 45/125
Raw sand 0/16
Filling sand 0/4
Chippings 5/16 (class 2)
Cable sand 0/2
Quality crushed sand 0/2
Quality chippings 2/5, 5/8, 8/11, 11/16
Sand/gravel mix 0/5, 0/8, 0/11, 0/16
Crushed stone base 0/22, 0/32, 0/45, 0/56
Recycled granules from building rubble 0/80


Erratic boulders/quarry stones

The Blauberg quarry has a wide range of quarry stones of various types, shapes and sizes which crop up as the quarry is mined. For example, the erratic boulders are used for landscaping and as a boundary stones. Interested customers or horticulturalists may select appropriate stones on site.

Further information on erratic boulders


Opening times for accepting building rubble

Building rubble in cars and in small amounts may only be delivered to the "Blauberg Quarry" reception point on Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm (except public holidays).


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