Erratic boulders/quarry stones

Erratic boulders of different size, shape and colour offer numerous options for design and use. The unique pieces can be used in various areas:


• Ponds
• Rockeries/gravel gardens/'dry' gardens
• Individual touches
• Natural stone walls
• Stairs

Kerbing etc.

• Driveways
• Parking
• Roads and paths
• Bollards/vehicle barriers


• Slope and embankment protection
• Fountain stones
• Bird baths
• Memorial stones

All erratic boulders are unique and differ in form. Customers can therefore choose and purchase appropriate unique pieces according to their personal requirements. All stones range in size from about 25 to about 250 cm.

We offer the following types of quarry stone:

• Laminated granite erratic boulders
• Small laminated granite erratic boulders
• Granite stepping stones
• Granite stones, hand-picked
• Granite birdbaths or fountain stones
• Ornamental stone boulders


Should you not have a suitable vehicle for transporting the boulders, we can give you a price including delivery.


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