Asphalt construction references

A 99 motorway ring around Munich, moving of junction Aschheim/Ismaning

Preparation of a provisional bypass of the M3 and B471 near the Aschheim/Ismaning junction. Installation: 15,900 m² asphalt base layer AC 32 TN,... [more]

District road CHA 23 Schillertswiesen - Martinsneukirchen

Classical superstructure reinforcement with raising of the surrounds and production of 1,650 m raised granite curb design B. Installation: 3,200 t... [more]

District roads CHA 55 and CHA 9 in Weiding

Asphalting work on the district roads CHA 55 and CHA 9 within the municipality of Weiding. Thanks to clever routing of the traffic through the... [more]

Local bypass Furth im Wald open/covered trough system

Asphalting work during new construction of the open/covered trough system of the local Furth im Wald bypass. Low-temperature asphalt was used for the... [more]

Municipal road connecting Neumühlen and Blumhof

Asphalting work on the municipal road connecting Neumühlen and Blumhof Installation: 1,350 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TS 50/70200 t asphalt base... [more]

Asphalting work in Hyrsov, Czech Republic

Asphalting work on the company grounds in Hyrsov, Czech Republic Installation: 500 t asphalt base layer AC 22 TS 50/70240 t asphalt surface layer... [more]

Tub silo in Haibach

New construction of a tub silo in Haibach Installation: 720 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TN 50/70 low-carbonate, without the use of asphalt... [more]

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