Asphalt construction references

B15n Regensburg - Landshut

Asphalting work during the course of new construction of the B15n between Regensburg and Landshut, section... [more]

B85 Schwandorf - Cham

Two-lane extension of the B85 between Schwandorf and Cham to the west of Wetterfeld to Untertraubenbach Installation: 6,900 t asphalt base layer AC... [more]

St 2154 Lohberg - Lohberghütte

Asphalting work on the St 2154 between Lohberg and Lohberghütte Installation: 3,300 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TN 70/10075 t asphalt base layer AC... [more]

Village refurbishment work/construction of farm roads Viechtafell

Village refurbishment work and construction of farm roads in Viechtafell Installation: 1,100 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TN 50/70460 t asphalt... [more]

Fodder fermenting silos in Stallwang

New construction and refurbishment of fodder fermenting silos Installation: 170 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TN 50/70 low-carbonate, without the use... [more]

Reinforcement of superstructure municipal road connecting Regelsmais - Höhhof

Reinforcement of superstructure of the municipal road connecting Regelsmais and Höhhof Installation: 2,300 t asphalt base layer AC 22 TN 70/100860... [more]

WbaV Lohberg - Schneiderberg

Asphalting work on the WbaV Lohberg - Schneiderberg Installation: 900 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TN 70/100250 t asphalt surface layer AC 11 DN... [more]

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