Asphalt construction references

Rerouting/new construction of MÜ 40 Heldenstein - Ampfing

Specifications: Rerouting/new construction of the MÜ 40 between Heldenstein and Ampfing Installation: 6,900 t asphalt base layer AC 32 TS 50/70700... [more]

Extension B20 Cham - Furth im Wald

Specifications:The construction work concerned the three-lane extension of the B20 between the Weiding and Arnschwang junctions. Installation on the... [more]

Extension of the district road CHA 1, Radling - Wilting

Specifications:This construction project mainly involved reinforcing the superstructure. The construction site covered a length of 1.6 kilometres... [more]

Site St 2147, Ascha - Mitterfels and Ascha junction

Specifications:This construction project involved the reinforcement of the superstructure, renewal of drainage channels and routing of deep seepage... [more]

Site St 2132 resurfacing work Drachselried - Frathau

Specifications:The surface and base layer was milled off 3 - 10 cm over a length of 2,850 m. Then 6 - 9 cm base layer and 4 cm surface layer were... [more]

Construction of the LA 26 district road, Altdorf northern bypass

Construction of the new construction phase IV of the LA 26 district road as part of the Altdorf northern bypass along a length of 2,100 m and a... [more]

Construction site in Janovice nad Uhlavou in the Czech Republic

Renewal of the Klenovska road in the Czech town of Janovice nad Uhlavou between Klatovy and Nyrsko. Installation:280 t AC 16 TN 70/100300 t AC 11... [more]

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