Asphalt construction references

West feeder and local link road in Michelsdorf

Description of works: pavement strengthening, Michelsdorf - Cham local link road: Along a length of 1200 m and a carriageway width of 6.50 m, the... [more]

Oberrappendorf access road

Description of works: Strengthening the pavement of Oberrappendorf access road along a length of 500 m: 260 t asphalt roadbase course AC 22 TN... [more]

Pavement construction ST 2132 Bodenmais

Description of works: Cut asphalt, 4-5 cm: approx. 20,000 m²Lay asphalt: approx. 20,000 m² AC 11 DS 50/70 (equals approx. 2,000 t) [more]

Coloured asphalt in Walderbach

Redesign of the area surrounding the town hall in Walderbach and laying eggshell coloured asphalt. [more]

IG Altenkreith

Construction of a new industrial park by the town of Roding in Altenkreith. This involved the placement of approx. 1200 t roadbase course AC 32 TS... [more]

Bierlacker Business Park

Construction of a new business park by the town of Cham. 1,550 m² roadbase course (370 t AC 32 TN 70/100)1,550 m² wearing course (155 t AC 11 DN... [more]

WbaV Arnschwang

The rural development association (Verband für ländliche Entwicklung) built service roads in Zenching, involving the placement of 1,000 t roadbase... [more]

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