Asphalt construction references

WbaV Neukirchen near Hl. Blut, superstructure reinforcement Schicherhof

The rural development association (Verband für ländliche Entwicklung) built the road to Schicherhof, involving the placement of 3,200 t roadbase... [more]

A9 / D359 L

Service description: Open-pored asphalt (custom-built design); installation based on compact asphalt manufacturing unit using traditional... [more]

Institute for hearing impaired persons, Straubing

Service description: Approximately 340 tons colored asphalt were installed on a surface area 3400 m² in Straubing with the new building of the... [more]

ST 2146 Radling

Description of works: ST 2146 Radling through road, pavement and road construction, asphalting and pavement reinforcement  [more]

Eggenfelden recreational grounds

Service description: New building of the recreational grounds of the Eggenfelden elementary and high school. Installation of colored asphalt... [more]

Ingram Logistic Centre

Description of works: Construction of a new Ingram logistics centre near Straubing - Sand: Car park areas, laying of industrial asphalt  [more]

B20 Weiding

Service description: A stage of the B20 2.3 kilometers long, between the connecting points Weiding and Kothmaissling, was asphalted in compact-type... [more]

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