Civil engineering references

Noise protection wall near Untergruppenbach

Specifications:New construction of a bridge to route the farm road Schafgrund under the L 1111 and erection of a noise protection wall made of highly... [more]

Repairs to structures along the A81 near Möcklmühl

Specifications:Repairs to various structures along the A81 Execution: Demolition work: Removal of the asphalt top-intermediate layer and sealing:... [more]

Olympiahalle, Munich

Specifications: Extension of the existing hall floor and installation of a new floor slab in the Munich Olympia Hall. The engineering work is only a... [more]

Barrier-free conversion of the railway stations at Benediktbeuern and Kochel

Specifications: Barrier-free conversion of the outer platform over a length of 155 m and at a height of 76 cm above the top edge of the... [more]

Ductwork system for fibre optic cables, Mehring near Burghausen

Specifications: Underground work for a ductwork system 4,700 metres longLaying of 3 cable tubes PEHD Da 50 x 4.6 mm each 4,700 metres longLaying... [more]

Terminal Burghausen

Specifications:Construction of a new rainwater pipe and ductwork as well as the construction of 5 new rail trays including seals in accordance with... [more]

Special type of noise barrier - first ever of its kind in Germany

For the Mittelstand BAB A71 Motorway (Rädlinger/Bögl) JV, Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH will be building noise-protection walls, irritation... [more]

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