Noise-protection walls references

Noise-protection wall in München-Aubing

Service description: New construction of a noise-protection wall for residential complex in München-Aubing in close proximity to the... [more]

Noise barrier on the A4, Drei Gleichen resting area

Description: The “Drei Gleichen” resting area is located to the west of Mühlberg on the A4 in the Free State of Thuringia. To improve the resting... [more]

Noise protection wall on the B174 near Gornau

Specifications:Erection of a noise protection wall made of highly absorbent concrete elements and transparent, absorbing noise protection elements... [more]

Noise protection wall near Untergruppenbach

Specifications:New construction of a bridge to route the farm road Schafgrund under the L 1111 and erection of a noise protection wall made of highly... [more]

Special type of noise barrier - first ever of its kind in Germany

For the Mittelstand BAB A71 Motorway (Rädlinger/Bögl) JV, Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH will be building noise-protection walls, irritation... [more]

B10 Pirmasens/Haseneck noise-protection wall

Description of works: 90 m long retaining wall followed by 110 m and 210 m long noise-protection wallVisual upgrade with the help of structure... [more]

B 10/27 remediation/increasing height of the existing noise-protection wall

Description of works: Removal of the existing noise barrier cladding made from ceramic protective cladding over length of 600m  Concrete... [more]

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