Piping construction references

Turnkey high-pressure gas pipeline for Netze BW – Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, Waldenbuch

Description of works: The route for the construction of the gas pipeline runs partly through conserved area of landscape and through sensitive water... [more]

Pipeline re-routing for Netze BW in preparation for S21 – Ehmannstraße, Stuttgart

Description of works: During the construction work, the following lines were laid and the following building work performed: 460 m of high-pressure... [more]

Supply pipe for the district heating network for the Stadtwerke München

Specifications: Supply pipe in KMR DN 400/DA 560 over a length of approx. 280 mapprox. 1,400 m³ excavationBuilding depth: approx. 3 mInstallation of... [more]

SW Straubing skeleton contract, Straubing

Specifications: Underground work/installation for electricity, gas, water and heat conduction linesPreparation for connecting houses to... [more]

110 kV cable connection transformer station Munich airport

Specifications: Underground work for 110 kV route, length = 3,750 metresLaying of a cable protection pipe PEHD Da 110 mm length = 3,750 metresLaying... [more]

Ductwork system for fibre optic cables, Mehring near Burghausen

Specifications: Underground work for a ductwork system 4,700 metres longLaying of 3 cable tubes PEHD Da 50 x 4.6 mm each 4,700 metres longLaying... [more]

Terminal Burghausen

Specifications:Construction of a new rainwater pipe and ductwork as well as the construction of 5 new rail trays including seals in accordance with... [more]

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