Gas connection for Gärtnerei Natterer in Enzweihingen

Service description:

Rädlinger’s network construction division set up a high-pressure gas connection for Gärtnerei Natterer in Enzweihingen near Stuttgart. The pipeline route runs through a wine-growing region, in which the grape harvest began just before the start of the construction measure. In order to have the minimum effect possible on this important period, the construction was unceremoniously speeded-up. The four-man team installed the first 1,200m of the entire 1,800m-long gas pipeline within just two weeks. A hydraulic hammer and a rock drilling machine were used to deal with the partly rocky subsurface. A natural stone wall also runs over part of the route. The natural monument was appropriately protected: the gas pipeline was partially installed into a protective conduit. The PE Da 225 protective conduit used for this purpose initially had to be pre-welded so that the whole of it was able to be laid over the length of 190m using the directional drilling method.

Technical data:

  • New construction of high-pressure gas pipelines PE Da 110: 1,800m using the directional drilling method, partly into rocky earth
  • Installation of protective conduit PE Da 225: 190m using the directional drilling method
  • Civil engineering works and installation of 2 gas pressure regulator stations

Construction period: October – November 2015

Client: Gärtnerei Natterer, Enzweihingen

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