Remediation of Otto Brenner bridge across Frankenschnellweg

Description of works:

The order included the major repair of the Otto-Brenner Bridge, including the ramp structures. The repair was required, because substantial concrete damage had been found in the superstructure and abutments, with damp areas and spalling concrete. Further, the bridge seats including the bearings are in a very poor condition. Years of input of salty water has increased the concrete's chloride content by so much that a high risk of corrosion exists.
The damaged areas in which the prestressing elements run alongside the reinforcement steel are particularly at risk.
The tasks involves renewing the transition structure, capping, islands, waterproofing, carriageway surfacings and repairing the concrete of the abutments and superstructure, as well as replacing the bearings.

Technical details / construction work:

  • Prestressed concrete bridge, 2 span
  • Concrete area: 1950 m²
  • Repair of asphalt surfacing:  2600 m²
  • Repair of chamber wall and bridge seat: 160 m²
  • Repair of bridge surfacing using high-pressure water jets: 1950 m²
  • Lay PCC I to repair bridge surfacing: 100 tonnes
  • BEL B 1 waterproofing: 1950 m²
  • Mastic asphalt work: 200 tonnes
  • Repair abutment walls using high-pressure water jets: 30 m²
  • Sprayed concrete work on abutment walls: 30 m²
  • OS DI coating: 1900 m²
  • Pressure grout cracks: 180 m
  • Renew temporary structure over 1: 70 m
  • Remove and install deformation bearings: 66
  • Remove and install sliding pot bearings: 5

Construction period: March to December 2010

Client: Stadt Nuremberg


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