B 10/27 remediation/increasing height of the existing noise-protection wall

Description of works:

  • Removal of the existing noise barrier cladding made from ceramic protective cladding over length of 600m 
  • Concrete repair using high-pressure water jetting and sprayed concrete and applying an extensive OS DI system
  • Raising height of existing noise-protection wall and renewal of the wall cladding
  • In the upper area the rise was achieved as a curve with an inner radius of 2.15 m
  • A new facing made from aluminium panels will be attached to the concrete base, in some areas made from transparent panels
  • Noise-protection wall elements, highly absorbent on both sides, are planned in the vertical area of the increase in height. 

Technical details / construction work:

  • Saw off cornice head: 600m
  • Remove masonry wall facing: 2,800 m²
  • Spray concrete substrate with high-pressure water jets: 2,500 m²
  • Apply finishing compound on concrete substrate: 2,500 m²
  • Apply filling compound to concrete substrate: 1,200 m²
  • OS DI coating: 2,500 m²
  • Make in-situ concrete base: 600 m
  • Noise-protection wall, aluminium wall cladding: 2,420 m²
  • Noise-protection wall, aluminium, both sides highly absorbent: 450 m²
  • Steel sections HEA 160 L = 3-9m  (203 No.)
  • Steel sections HEA 160 R = 2.15 m curved  (203 No.)

Construction period: 28/06/2010 to 21/12/2010

Client: Stadt Stuttgart, Tiefbauverwaltung

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