Noise protection wall on the B174 near Gornau

Erection of a noise protection wall made of highly absorbent concrete elements and transparent, absorbing noise protection elements with acrylic infills. Unlike the usual method of pile driving, the drilled piles were installed using a large VdW drilling rig for the first time in this case.



  • Concrete elements: approx. 16,000 m²
  • Acrylic elements: approx. 1,500 m²


  • Drilled piles d = 75 cm : 3,100 m
  • Driven steel piles d = 500 mm : 1,400 m
  • Posts made of profile steel HEA160 to HEM200: approx. 400 t

Total length: 3,850 m

Construction period: July 2013 – November 2013

Corporate Video


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