Noise barrier on the A4, Drei Gleichen resting area


The “Drei Gleichen” resting area is located to the west of Mühlberg on the A4 in the Free State of Thuringia. To improve the resting periods for lorry drivers, the noise pollution was to be reduced to an acceptable level. A noise barrier was thus constructed between the A4 and the parking area. 

Technical data:

  • Height of the noise barrier: 3.5 m
  • Length of the noise barrier: 142 m
  • Bored pile foundation: 111 m
  • Concrete base: 99 m²
  • Concrete wall elements: 525 m²
  • Sheet covering: 142 m
  • Trellis: 550 m²

Construction period: 20.10. - 13.11.2014

Client: Thuringia State Office for Construction and Traffic

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