B85 Cham noise-protection wall

Description of works:

In 2007, as part of the construction project to widen the B85 trunk road to 4 lanes between Cham and Roding, the State Building Control Office in Regensburg awarded the contract for the noise-protection wall work to Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH, Vilshofen. The work essentially involved erecting four wall sections as highly absorbent larch wood noise barrier including the earthworks and foundations.                        

  • 1.00 lump sum construction planning
  • 1,500.00 m³ topsoil work   
  • 2,000.00 m³ soil excavation   
  • 2,000.00 m³ soil placement   
  • 500.00 m piled pipe foundation   
  • 50.00 to steel sections   
  • 500.00 m² wall base made from precast concrete units   
  • 2,500.00 m² wall elements made from larch wood   
  • 100.00 m² wall elements made from acrylic glass   
  • 1,500.00 m wall covering made from aluminium   
  • 800.00 m² remediation of existing noise barrier             

Technical details:           

  • Highly absorbent noise-protection wall made from larch wood
  • Total length: 1000.00 m
  • h max: 4.10 m
  • h min: 2.10 cm

Client: Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg

Construction period: August 2007 to October 2007 

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