Traffic route construction references

Renovation of St 2188 Aufseß – Plankenfels

Service description: Rädlinger renovated an around 1.1km-long section of the St 2188 state road between Aufseß and Plankenfels. The measure was... [more]

Renovation of St 2399 Kemnath – Neunaigen

Service description: Rädlinger renovated the St 2399 between Kemnath and Neunaigen over a length of 1.2km. The carriageway width was extended from... [more]

St 2239 Feucht - Penzenhofen

Service description: The extension of the state road St 2239 between Feucht and Penzenhofen over a length of 4,850m with a width of 7.5m was... [more]

Renovation of St 2188 near Heiligenstadt

Service description: Rädlinger renovated the St 2188 state road to the west of Heiligenstadt over a length of approx. 1.7km; this section was... [more]

B2 Nuremberg - Bayreuth, renovation of Nürnberg-Nord junction

Service description: Rädlinger renovated the Nürnberg-Nord junction on the A3 as part of the “safe road” programme, initiated by the Bavarian... [more]

Renovation of NEW 41 Lerau – Oberlind

Service description:For the renovation and complete extension of the NEW 41 between Lerau and Oberlind, Rädlinger extended the district road to a... [more]

K1057 East Bypass in Böblingen - stages 1 & 2

Service description : Rädlinger Bauunternehmen completed stages 1 and 2 of the construction measure “K1057 Reinforcement of East Bypass in... [more]

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