Traffic route construction references

A3 EO 240 Haseltal

Description of works: The construction project included the work for the widening of the BAB A3, Frankfurt-Nuremberg motorway to 6 lanes, in the... [more]

Helmstadt BAB A3 EO 267

Description of works: Widening to six-lanes from the Baden - Württemberg state boundary to Würzburg West BAB A3 EO 267 motorway interchange. Between... [more]

A94 Forstinning / Pastetten motorway

Description of works: The 150 km long A94 Munich – Pocking motorway should remove long-distance traffic from the long since overloaded and hazardous... [more]

B85 – Chameregg bypass

Description of works: Since September 2009, the Rädlinger construction company has been working on the two kilometre long B85 bypass to the north of... [more]

ST 2400 Schönthal bypass

Description of works: Construction of the new road ST 2400 in the area of Schönthal through-road between Schönthal and Waldmünchen. The project... [more]

A4 Eisenach-Görlitz motorway / Hohenstein-Ernstthal interchange to Limbach-Oberfrohna interchange

Project: Widening of the BAB A4 motorway to 6 lanes along 11.9 km lengthConstruction of the new Wüstenbrand junctionBAB motorway construction and... [more]

B20 Furth im Wald trunk road

Description of works: B 20 Furth im Wald bypass, BW 16-1 Chamtal Bridge; bridge works Technical details: Removal of a three metre thick peat... [more]

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