A4 Hoerselberge by-pass in the PPP model

Service description:

The building company Josef Rädlinger applied successfully for the building work, within the framework of a bidder community in a request to tender, for one of the currently largest Autobahn extension measures in Germany, the BAB A4 Hoerselberge, in the period from 2006 to 2007. The project runs as a so-called A Model (extension model) of the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Urban Development. Rädlinger was 17 % involved in the building operations and the technical planning, within the framework of an executive joint venture. The other project participants of the consortium are Hochtief Construction AG (33 %), Eurovia GmbH (33 %), as well as the Strassing Limes GmbH (17 %).

As a part of the traffic project, the autobahn BAB A4 Eisenach-Goerlitz from the Hesse / Thuringia border on the existing route of 42 km length will first be operated and retained, including the connecting point Gotha. In addition, the new building of a section approx. 24.5 km long, which bypasses the Hoerselberge nature reserve, is the subject of the concession.

Technical data:

  • Top-soil movements: 1,250,000 m³
  • Earthwork movement: 3,200,000 m³
  • Earth leveling: 1,100,000 m³
  • Embankment profiling, including planting: 900,000 m³
  • Drainage: 52 km
  • Frost protection layer: 435,000 m³
  • Noise protection embankments: 3475 m
  • PWC System: On both sides
  • New connecting points: Eisenach West new/ B 7, Eisenach East/ B 84, Saettelstaedt
  • Back construction: 10 km BAB A4

Building time: October 2007 to December 2010

Principal: Via Solutions Thueringen GmbH & Co. KG

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