Water engineering references

Scheßlitz flood control reservoir (HRB 23)

Service description: Rädlinger erected a flood control reservoir (300m long, 50m wide and 7m tall) close to the Seierbach in order to provide flood... [more]

Irlbach flood protection

Description of works: Flood protection between Straubing and Irlbach; civil engineering works Lot 1 (Irlbach town protection) and Lot 2 (section 2)... [more]

Lohmen high-water protection

Lohmen high-water protection concept, building of the high-water retention reservoir banking-up system Gruendel Principal: Lohmen Municipal Office... [more]

Flood water storage Furth im Wald - "Drachensee"

Description of works:  The construction site is located within the valley area of the River Chamb, approx. 3 km from the Bavarian-Czech border... [more]

Isar-Plan Munich BA 06

Isar Plan BA 06 - South, flood protection and renaturation of the River Isar in Munich, civil engineering works Client: Wasserwirtschaftsamt Munich... [more]

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