Quality control, as well as construction site consultation, are associated with the main tasks of the laboratory. The testing of the building materials, the raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the suitability of soils, are implemented both in the laboratory and directly on the construction sites. As well as the on-going monitoring and the correct mixing of the recipes, the building material testers are particularly concerned with the implementation of the testing methods which guarantee quality assurance.

Laboratory - asphalt sector

Asphalt is manufactured at Rädlinger according to the basic principles of the works-internal production checking (WPK). The laboratory carries out on-going quality controls for this purpose within the framework of the internal monitoring, in order to enable any deficiencies occurring to be eliminated as quickly as possible. This quality-assured manufacture is implemented in close coordination with the Asphalt Mixing Plant and the personnel on the construction site. The quality is assured to a special degree by compression tests during the installation on the construction site.

Among the testing methods used in the asphalt sector are the following in particular:

  • Extraction
  • Filtering
  • Raw bulk density determination
  • Bulk density determination
  • Bitumen test
  • Rock test

We cooperate closely with our customers in the preparation of special proposals. Rädlinger searches for solutions which optimally consider both local factors and economical aspects.

Laboratory - earthwork sector

The laboratory also has an important role with the monitoring of road and earthwork locations. The building material testers are particularly concerned with sampling on the construction site and with checking for the load-bearing capacity of the installed locations.


Among the testing methods used in the earthwork sector are the following in particular:

  • Proctor investigations
  • Load-plate pressure tests
  • Determination of the grain size distribution
  • Calculation of the binding agent additive
  • Determination of the bulk density

Alternative solutions for the optimization of construction methods are also prepared, in cooperation with the building material testers.

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