Mechanical engineering department

The mechanical engineering department supports the entire equipment range of the Rädlinger company group. The appropriate employment of the machines and the economical use of the devices is one of the determining factors in providing the construction service.

An equipment range which is at the latest state of the art is a high priority for Rädlinger. The repair and maintenance, as well as painting work, on the more than 750 modern construction machines and devices are associated with the main tasks of the internal workshop. Furthermore, the Rädlinger building company has a mobile field service, equipped with especially equipped workshop vehicles, so that the devices can be made ready for action again on the construction sites directly and without loss of time, and services can be handled on site.

In addition, the workshop supervisors and the mechanics are responsible to the Rädlinger company group for the operational security and traffic safety of the entire vehicle fleet. The workshop can perform certain maintenance work themselves in this case, such as exhaust gas checks, safety checks and the UVV test. In the production of special designs, the corporate divisions, Steelwork and Mechanical engineering, which are associated with the Rädlinger company group, provide valuable support.

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